Debt Management

D & M Dempsey Financial Services Limited trading as Complete Financial Solutions is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland , Central Bank reference number C46654, under Part V of the Central Bank Act, 1997 (as amended by the Central Bank (Supervision and Enforcement ) Act, 2013) for the provision of debt management services, to provide the services of a debt management firm subject to complying with the Authorisation Requirements and Standards for Debt Management Firms. We have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with financial issues, advising and managing debt and you can be assured of the best advice in dealing with your financial challenges. To some people, their financial difficulties are insurmountable however we are there for you, to advise and support you all along the way. Our goal is to get you to a position where your debt is manageable and you are in control of your finances together with peace of mind where you can take phone calls and open your post without the worry of your creditors trying to contact you every other day.

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